Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Exciting End to Summer

Today at the Brookline Public Library, enthusiastic readers gathered to hear author Suzanne Collins read from her new book, the third of her compelling Hunger Games triology: Mockingjay. Lawrence School was well-represented at the library by teachers (fifth grade teacher Rhodinne Wang and by me, the librarian) and by a number of students who were filling the final days of summer vacation voraciously reading this third (and sadly, last) book. Ms. Collins entered the room to applause and right away brought us on board by reading a key passage from Catching Fire (the second book in the triology) wherein the main character Katniss stuns the national audience watching her every move on the huge television screens set up everywhere. She then read the beginning of the new book, all in Katniss's "futuristic Appalachian" voice. We won't tell too many details here so as not to spoil the story, but if you are a mature reader (say, 6th grade and up) and don't mind a grisly theme to your reading, consider jumping in to these well-written, captivating books. They are memorable and very thought-provoking, describing a future society that employs deadly strategies for entertaining and controlling citizens.