Friday, October 01, 2010

Calling All Judy Moody Fans!

If you’re like me, you love Judy Moody. Judy’s spunky personality, dramatic flair, and astounding ability to get into and out of sticky situations always keeps me reading. One of my favorite things about Judy Moody is that she takes everything at face value. Her mood ring turns black? Well then she must be in a bad mood. Her substitute teacher installs an “attitude tent” in the classroom? Well, then Judy must find out what attitude she should adopt so she can go camping.

Judy Moody books suit many readers, especially those transitioning from Early Reader (ER) books to Chapter Books (FIC-I). If you like the Judy Moody books, here are a few series and book recommendations from the Lawrence Library FIC-I Section that I think you will enjoy. You may also check out our If you like Judy Moody Resource List in the library’s Destiny Catalogue. Happy reading!!

Brown, J. Flat Stanley (series)
A bulletin board fell on Stanley Lambchop one day and made him flat as a pancake. But, life goes on. Stanley’s adventures are chronicled in this funny series.

Clements, A. Jake Drake (series)
In this series, fourth-grader Jake Drake looks back on challenging, embarrassing, and exciting events in his earlier school years.

English, K. Nikki & Deja (series)
Nikki and Deja are best friends. They do everything together. One of their favorite things is to sit on Nikki's front porch and discuss what's happening on their block. This series explores their friendship and its ups and downs.

Greenburg, D. The Zack Files (series)
Ten-year-old Zack has a knack for getting himself into weird situations. Take for instance the time he attempted to rid his apartment of a rude eight-year-old poltergeist who communicates by spelling out words with peanut M&Ms.

Look, L. Ruby Lu (series)
Ruby Lu loves her family. In this funny series we follow the eight-year-old as she welcomes her cousin from China, puts on a magic show, wraps her little brother in reflective tape and more!

McDonald, M. Stink (series)
This series is all about Judy Moody’s little brother Stink, and just like his sister, he will keep you laughing as he tackles all sorts of challenges.

Park, B. Junie B. Jones (series)
Junie has more disasters than any student I know. But she is always able to rebound from them with a smile.

Pennypacker, S. Clementine (series)
Clementine is a busy third-grader. She has a hard time sitting still and paying attention, which gets her into some sticky situations. This series details Clemenine’s adventures in and out of school.

Salisbury, G. Calvin Coconut (series)
It’s really fun to grow up in Hawaii, just ask Calvin Coconut! But sometimes too much fun can get you into trouble, and Calvin Coconut must surf his way out of sticky situations.

Weinman Sharmat, M. Nate the Great (series)
Nate the Great is a detective. Readers will enjoy solving mysteries along with him as he helps his friends and family find lost recipes, catch garbage burglars, and locate missing gifts.