Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Before the Mural

The Lawrence School Library has a wonderful view, from its generous windows, of the outside wall near the school garden where there will soon be a mural created by our students.

Artist-in-residence David Fichter worked with students all day yesterday, helping enlarge the preliminary designs they had made with Shelly Magno in art classes. The process will continue this week -- very exciting indeed -- and will go through several more stages before complete. Mr. Fichter's web site is informative about the art of murals, showing work he has done in various locations.

Of course, I value any excuse to read Diego, by Jeannette Winter and Jonah Winter, a superb short biography of the esteemed Mexican muralist. Diego Rivera was passionate from boyhood about drawing on walls and blackboards; maybe our mural project will inspire young Lawrence artists!

As well, George Ancona has done a wonderful book entitled Murals: Walls that Sing, tracing the history and contemporary highlights of murals around the world.

It's hard to wait until we can take "after" pictures. I guess the snow needs to melt first, at least.