Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did you know?

Did you know that Lawrence School students have access to many online resources through our library home page? Two examples of excellent online resources follow. To use some online databases from home you need a password--see the librarian to learn what our passwords are.

First, go to the library home page: Lawrence library homepage
Then choose your resource.

World Book Online is an excellent, reliable online encyclopedia on at least three different reading levels-- World Book Kids; World Book Student; World Book Discover. This is the place we encourage students to start their research rather than "googling" their topic. Students will find readable text here and will find reliable, correct information.

Encyclopedia Britannica is another online encyclopedia with a variety of reading levels-- elementary, middle and high school. We've found that some topics are covered here more thoroughly than in World Book Online so it's worth it to look at both sources especially if students are having trouble locating their topic in World Book Online.

Please ask the librarian if you have questions about using either of these resources.