Friday, September 05, 2014

Library visits begin week of September 15, 2014!

Welcome back! Parents can expect to start seeing library books from Lawrence School library during the week of September 15.

This information will go home with each K - 3 student, but just in case the sheet of paper gets lost in the backpack, here's some general information about how library works for the early elementary grades.

Kindergarteners will each take one book weekly. They are responsible for returning the book each week with their "library card" in the back pocket so that they can check out a new book. Generally children in kindergarten choose from our wonderful picture book section.

Whether students can read them on their own or not, picture books offer rich language, good story lines, and, of course, beautiful pictures to assist the writer in telling his or her story. Sometimes children want to jump ahead to "chapter books" because they feel that that's what the big kids read. We reassure them that picture books are for everyone--older students and adults love to read them, too!

*All students may borrow more books when they come with a parent before or after school.*

Students in first grade may begin the year borrowing one book a week, but their teachers may later in the year decide to start letting each student choose two books during their library time. We read a story each week and try out different genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.

Students in second grade generally choose two books when they visit the library with their class. Read alouds in second grade come from across all genres and connect to their classroom learning as much as possible.

We're looking forward to a great year of sharing stories!