Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Breaking news: Kids are still BIG readers!

Nothing warms my heart more than kids who love books and if you were anywhere near Temple Ohabei Shalom last night at the corner of Kent and Beacon you saw a LOT of kids who love books (and their parents)! I think the line rivaled those outside the Mac stores for the iPhone 6! 

Rick Riordan spoke at the temple for about an hour and the line stretched forever up Kent St. for hours in advance of his talk! There were people in the crowd from Vermont, Maine, and Michigan! The reason for the event was the release of his new book The Blood of Olympus.  The ticketed event was organized by Porter Square Books in Cambridge and was a rock concert/ pep rally/ book talk/ celebrity sighting all rolled up in one! 

I loved hearing the author talk about his life, how he came to write the Percy Jackson series, and what's next for the series. He was engaging and funny and you could see his roots as a teacher.

But my favorite part was the enthusiasm of the crowd, many of whom were up well past their bedtime to see their favorite author. Pedestrians and bikers asked kids in the crowd outside the temple "what's going on?" "Why are you all in line?" and the kids replied enthusiastically that they were waiting to see their favorite author, Rick Riordan. It gives one hope that books are here to stay! 

The wait was well worth it and I hear that there were more Lawrence families who would have gone but weren't able to scoop up tickets in time. We now have The Blood of Olympus in our library-- stop by and see what all the fuss is about.