Thursday, September 26, 2013

New books!

We recently received an order of many new titles in the Lawrence School library. Here are a few highlights:

Clementine and the Spring Trip by Sara Pennypacker All of the Clementine books are great family read- alouds. They tend to be good choices for third grade chapter book reading, too. In this book Clementine's class visits Plimoth Plantation, a field trip that will be familiar to Brookline students.

Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay is an early chapter book which is the second book in a new series. Lulu, an animal lover, tries to help a stray dog she meets on her beach vacation.

If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano is a quiet new picture book with beautiful illustrations by Erin E. Stead. In it a young boy gets advice about all the things to avoid looking at if he wants to see a whale. "if you want to see a whale/ be careful not to notice/ something inching, small and green/ across the leaf, just nibble scoot/ because things that are smaller than most small things/ can't be as giant as a whale"

The Frazzle Family Finds a Way by Ann Bonwill with pictures by Stephen Gammell is a humorous look at a very busy and very disorganized family who find an unusual way to remember all the details. And who doesn't feel like they belong to "the frazzle family" from time to time??

The Year Comes Round: Haiku Through the Seasons by Sid Farrar
Nicely illustrated haiku for each of the four seasons.

True Legend by Mike Lupica
Sports fiction for grades 4 - 8. This Lupica novel is about a young basketball player finding balance now that fans are calling him a legend.

The library is open until 3 pm on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons! Stop by to borrow some books for your family!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School

Welcome back!
There are many great books out there on the theme of going to school. Here are a few that we have in our library.

A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech
A principal is so proud of his fine, fine students and teachers that he asks them to come to school on Saturday and Sunday, too.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg
A back to school story with a surprise ending. You won't believe who's nervous about their first day at school!

How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills -- A little dog learns to read from his teacher, a bird!

Timothy Goes to School by Rosemary Wells

Kindergarten Diary by Antoinette Portis
A kindergartener keeps a diary of her first month in kindergarten.

Marco Goes to School by Roz Chast