Friday, May 08, 2015

Spring project time!

This time of year Lawrence is humming with projects at all grade levels. I recently worked with 7th graders on their Ancient Rome project and third graders are finishing up animal research, and I know 1st graders will be doing insect research soon, as well! Here are some places to go if you need information for a project:

Books--visit our school library or the public library near you to see what's available on your topic.

Magazines -- we subscribe to several periodicals that could help with a science or social studies project.

Online Encyclopedias-- starting from our library home page students have access to two online encyclopedias--World Book and Britannica. The site can be set to read the text to the student, too.

Pebble Go -- an online tool for young readers, this resource contains facts about people, science topics, and animals. It will read the text to the student, too. Kindergarten students and first graders have used Pebble Go in class to learn about animals, maps, and US symbols.

Databases-- I showed 7th graders how to access two useful databases for their project-- World History in Context and Biography in Context-- from our library homepage. There are many other databases listed on our homepage.
Databases are paid for by the district so you can be sure that we look at them each year to see that they contain useful and complete information for our 5th - 8th grade researchers.