Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Before the Mural

The Lawrence School Library has a wonderful view, from its generous windows, of the outside wall near the school garden where there will soon be a mural created by our students.

Artist-in-residence David Fichter worked with students all day yesterday, helping enlarge the preliminary designs they had made with Shelly Magno in art classes. The process will continue this week -- very exciting indeed -- and will go through several more stages before complete. Mr. Fichter's web site is informative about the art of murals, showing work he has done in various locations.

Of course, I value any excuse to read Diego, by Jeannette Winter and Jonah Winter, a superb short biography of the esteemed Mexican muralist. Diego Rivera was passionate from boyhood about drawing on walls and blackboards; maybe our mural project will inspire young Lawrence artists!

As well, George Ancona has done a wonderful book entitled Murals: Walls that Sing, tracing the history and contemporary highlights of murals around the world.

It's hard to wait until we can take "after" pictures. I guess the snow needs to melt first, at least.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrating Black History Month at the Lawrence Library!

February is Black History Month and we are celebrating here at the Lawrence School Library. We've assembled a great collection of books on a wide range of topics for exploring all facets of African American history.  Learn all about important events in African American history such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, and reconstruction after the Civil War. We've also got great biographies of African American leaders such as Martin Luther King, Betty Shabazz, and Malcolm X. We've also got plenty of books about the African American influence and impact on topics such as poetry, science, literature, music, and sports as well.

If you need a suggestion on a great book to check out, see our display in the front lobby of the building, and our additional display in the library.

One of our featured books to explore is My People by Langston Hughes and photographer Charles R. Smith.

 In this book, photographer Charles R. Smith sets his photographs to the classic Langston Hughes poem My People. A fantastic book for those interested in photography, interested in poetry, and interested in how the two art forms connect.